As you can tell, I haven’t uploaded or updated my personal website since forever which is bad on my part. That tells you two (2) things:

  1. I must have been so busy working all these years that I did not have time to update it , or
  2. I must have forgotten that I had this website.

Well too be honest, it was a little of both.

With that in mind, I must confess that I still wont be able to update the website until I receive my reel material from the last couple of years which should have arrived months ago, but that is another topic for another time. I do want to give a little update about what I have been up to and I will try and update this website more frequently from now on.

For the last five (5) years I have been working at the amazing studio, Luma Pictures over in Santa Monica. Worked on some awesome projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, Underworld 4 and Deadpool among others. I have made lifelong friends and will be forever grateful for my time there. 

While there I saw the studio grow from a small family of about 40 artists in a relatively small studio located in Venice all the way up to about 200 artists across two continents. It was an amazing ride and it will always be a home away from home. 

Last year due to some personal circumstances, I decided to leave Luma Pictures and go back to Puerto Rico and work remotely from there. I saw it as an opportunity to grow even more as an artist and also to allow me to pursue other goals. 

It has been a couple of months now, but many obstacles later (such as USPS losing 1 box, destroying 2 workstation PCs during delivery, and having to deal with the claims process haha #notfunny) I have a more powerful workstation and workspace set up to tackle work. Since it’s a new computer, new sets of skills and a new location I decided to not do freelance like I had done in the past and instead do something I wanted to do for a long time but did not have the experience to do it and it wasn’t the right time.

I founded the post production studio Mona Pictures here in Puerto Rico.

The website is still a work in progress and it will be for a while until the portfolio is built up. That doesn’t mean this website will go away. It just means that I will keep this website as my personal portfolio and blog.We are already working on our first project which I will talk about more in a future post.

I am super excited for this new chapter in my life and career and can’t wait to show you guys the things I am doing.


Ruy S Delgado

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